Card Related

What is the take-on fee?


Can the NedFleet card be used in Namibia and Swaziland?


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Am I responsible for transactions on my stolen card until I advise NedFleet in writing?


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Will a number appear in front of the card number when it is an expiry replacement card?


Does the card specify what it can be used for?


Is the limit displayed on the card a monthly limit or limit per transaction?


Is a new card required if the driver changes?


Is a new card required should the Cost Centre change?


Is it possible to use the NedFleet card on another vehicle?


Will a new card be required if the registration number of a vehicle changes?


When the cards expire, should a new card be requested?


Is there a charge for a replacement card?


Why is it not acceptable to stop cards telephonically?


When a card has been replaced and the second card is used at the same time, what will happen to those costs (lost card)?


If a card was stolen, what form will be used to order a new card?


Are cards offered for boats?


Why can the cancelled card still be used?


Am I being charged for a card that got lost?


What are the required details when applying for a card?